Faith. Such a small word that can lead to an abundance of pathways. Not everyone has faith or do they? Faith can be defined as complete trust or confidence in something or someone. So, I ask again does everyone have faith? Faith in not having faith. Faith in believing that the inevitable can not happen. Faith in believing that you’ll never be loved. Faith in believing that you messed up and no one could fix you. Faith in believing you’ll always be the last chosen or not chosen at all. Faith used in negatively had never occurred in your thoughts. So, again… does everyone have faith? Faith in believing anything is possible. Faith in believing your time is coming. Faith in believing that your mistakes are what you learn from. Faith in believing that you’ll be chosen for the right reasons. Everyone has faith to a certain extent. Negative or positive. Where will your faith lead you to? Who will it lead you to? What will it lead you to? Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for that. That is what makes faith such a beautiful thing. It can lead you to where you need to be. You may not be in the place you need to be at this very moment. You maybe in the negative stages of your faith and that’s okay. You’re human. Your positive stages of faith are waiting for you to learn from the experiences that will get you there. Faith. Trust in confidence in something or someone.


The Foundation 

Honestly, self love is the is most important type of love a person can give themselves. One should love themselves before they let someone else love them. Self-love is not egoistical. Self-love is letting you know you’re worth it. Sort of like filth harmony song. You’re the foundation and you have to be strong. Love yourself, praise yourself, but always stay true to yourself. Unless, you’re an asshole or a bitch then you should probably try being nicer. 

I know that some of us have those day where we look at ourselves in the mirror and say “who would/could love this?”… You. I’m not here to throw a pity party, but I know it can get dark sometimes. Siting and wondering what are you doing wrong. Feeling sad but not being able to describe it. Having these random moment where you feel tears building up but nothing coming out. Stress overcoming your body and wanting to sink. 

I get it. Trust me. Breathe. Everything will be okay. Take a moment and think about the positive things. Like the fact you’re alive and although you may feel like corpse just drifting through the realities of day by day life. Your life means something to someone. You still have something to live for. 

Live for yourself. Live for the people that actually care about you. There’s at least one person I’m sure you could think of. You. Love yourself. Take it day by day whenever you can. 

Number 1

So, I’ve never done this blogging stuff before and my grammar nor punctuation may not be the best on the planet. Who really cares about that though when you’re just expressing yourself freely. With any of you who may be reading this Idk what I’m doing but to be honest. I’m going to try and focus on four main things. Love, Lust, Faith, and dreams. Yes, it’s an album by a great band if I do say so myself but I feel those four things are pretty prominent in one’s life and mine? Maybe so, maybe not. We shall see. My mind bounces back and fourth day by day whenever it wants to so I’ll more than likely get off topic. If you read this whole thing then sweet I guess I’m sort of intriguing to you.